Born and raised in the Toronto area, I live in a quiet neighbourhood with my wife and three boys.  After graduating from university and college, I have spent fifteen years building, growing and working in contact centres.   I have worked extensively with outsourced call centres on five continents.

Currently, I am a support leader for a small software company.  I have also spent the a lifetime as a customer, on the same emotional roller coaster that many of you have experienced with countless products and services.

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  1. Alan Chan says:

    I’m not sure if this site is still active, but here goes.
    My mother and sister have purchased condos and are having challenges with the condo administration providing them with service to get faulty installs repaired in a timely manner. One condo is a new build and the other is less then 5 yrs old.
    I know that’s a vague outline, but it pretty much cuts to the chase. Are there any advocacy groups that you can recommend? Is there anything you can recommend to get faster action? My mother is calling them EVERY day to get someone to fix the condos respective problems and the stress of their lack of service is driving her CRAZY.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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