Born and raised in the Toronto area, I live in a quiet neighbourhood with my wife and three boys.  After graduating from university and college, I have spent fifteen years building, growing and working in contact centres.   I have worked extensively with outsourced call centres on five continents.

Currently, I am a support leader for a small software company.  I have also spent the a lifetime as a customer, on the same emotional roller coaster that many of you have experienced with countless products and services.

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  1. Alan Chan says:

    I’m not sure if this site is still active, but here goes.
    My mother and sister have purchased condos and are having challenges with the condo administration providing them with service to get faulty installs repaired in a timely manner. One condo is a new build and the other is less then 5 yrs old.
    I know that’s a vague outline, but it pretty much cuts to the chase. Are there any advocacy groups that you can recommend? Is there anything you can recommend to get faster action? My mother is calling them EVERY day to get someone to fix the condos respective problems and the stress of their lack of service is driving her CRAZY.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  2. peter Ikosidekas says:

    I bought an 2012 Infiniti M35h hybrid from a shall we say gentleman stating the car was in perfect operating condition. This was in the summer of 2017 and unfortunately the warranty on said car had expired the year before. He had promised that all was in working order until I noticed that the interior passenger courtesy lights and the trunk light weren’t working along with the wonky power outlet where the cigarette lighter is located. He had also promised XM for life and snow tires which his brother currently had. During this past November, when the temps dropped down to close to 0 degrees, I turned on the heat to find…… no heat. At all. I brought the car in to my indy mechanic and he told me it would be $1000 to repair and to sell the car before it got worse. I researched the problem online and found that many had the same issue with the BCM that controls the inner electrical workings of the car. I decided it best to bring it to Infiniti Downtown dealership to get a CORRECT assessment from the company that obviously makes the car. They told me no, no, it’s not the BCM but the heater core and the climate control box which would cost me in the area of $4500 to repair!! They also mistakenly put a rear winter tire on my car at the same time that they assessed as being the wheel bearings that required $750 to repair that my same independent mechanic stated was perfectly fine. Great. I then contacted Infiniti Canada hoping they could either help with repair, diagnose repair issue properly or at least give me the amount I paid for car which was $24000 all in towards the purchase of another car, hopefully not an Infiniti which they flatly refused. I have now drafted a letter to them stating that I’m seeking outside help via consumer agencies, complaining about the car to all online related forums that i can find and if need be, government consumer help centres. Can you offer any advice at all here or am I fighting a losing battle? I haven’t sent the letter off yet but its in a draft form waiting to be sent. Thank you and sorry about length of letter

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