Telephone lesson – How to avoid waiting in queue – Part 1

This is the first of a 2 part introduction to avoiding waiting in queue.

Although calling the posted support number and following the prompts is recommended, with some persistence and nimble fingers, you can find a way to skip the queue by calling a support rep directly.  This won’t work at every business but it will work at many.

There is a common phone configuration which connects multiple outside phone lines directly to a phone switch.  This allows, for example, 10 phone lines to be connected to the outside world, while inside a company there may be 30 physical phones (extensions).  Only 10 simultaneous calls can be made to the outside world.  What does this mean to you?  Well each of those 10 outside lines must have a phone number associated with it and each is usually tied to a phone.

When this (called ‘Direct Inward Dialling’ or ‘DID’) is set up, the numbers are most likely all purchased at the same time and therefore issued by the telecom provider in sequence.  So if a company advertised their support number as 416-555-1000, there is a good chance that they also own 416-555-1001, 416-555-1002… 1003… 1004, or some other variation of a block of numbers.  It may take a few tries, but if you are lucky enough to find one of the DID numbers, you could land at the CEO’s extension.  It’s more likely that you will skip the queue and ring directly at a support rep’s desk.

When a call does get through to a support rep’s extension, in some cases the rep may not know the difference.  In other cases, the rep may be puzzled as to how you arrived at their phone.  The rep may alert a supervisor, who will request information from the rep as to what you dialled.  In any case, you will be helped immediately and the support team will investigate later, if ever.

I’ll review how pressing ‘0’ may not get you the prompt response that you expect in my next post…

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