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Welcome to Support Spy. After reading so many blogs out there over the last few years, and seeing the way the blogging community unites, I’ve been inspired to try to make a difference.

Let’s get started!  The purpose of this blog is to have readers benefit from my experience in contact centres to empower them in getting their support issues resolved.  There is nothing more frustrating than calling a support line only to run into an irrelevant response, contradictory responses or no response at all.  For the most part, support systems are setup to benefit the company and not the customer.   Some of the root causes of poor experiences include executives that spend no money on support, agents that don’t care, and corporate cultures that are focused on driving only the next sale.  This ultimately leads to customer loss.  There are a few notable exceptions, and on this journey, I will also make a point to discuss the ones that get it.

As someone who has devoted my working career to customer support, and who honestly wants to help the customer, I am continuously let down by the companies that I make purchases from.  Over the years, I have learned the inner workings of large, small, internal and outsourced contact centres.  Through thousands of interactions on both sides of support issues, there are many tips and tricks that I can pass on to you.  I hope that each of these blog entries will spark discussion and debate.  I also hope that key stake-holders in business are listening.  I know the system, and it needs to be changed.

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  1. Mike R says:

    Great to see a site like this…I’m always big on the deal sites/forums and this fits right into that…nothing is more frustrating sometimes then dealing with customer service, especially with the big boys…Together we can fight the power….lol thanks Support Spy

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