Support Spy’s Friday Debrief

Have you tried to buy fuel at a U.S. gas station with your Canadian credit card, only to be stymied by the request to “enter your zip code”?  Before you can fill up, you must head to the cashier to preauthorize/prepay and then return.

Tip: When prompted for your zip code on a U.S. gas pump, enter the “numbers only” of the postal code associated with the credit card, plus 2 zeros.  Just ignore the letters, i.e. M53K1 becomes 53100.  You will be able to preauthorize at the pump.

See below for my Friday Debrief.

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2 Responses to Support Spy’s Friday Debrief

  1. I’ll have to try that trick with the postal code associated with my credit card when at a US gas station. Thanks for the tip (and the inclusion in your debrief).

    • Support Spy says:

      @Michael James It was my pleasure. Enjoy your weekend.

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