Planet Hollywood doesn’t revolve around its customers

In my last post, I provided some tips on how to get some extras when staying at a hotel. But what happens when things go badly?

The site of the Planet Hollywood Resort was previously known as “The Aladdin”.  After three bankruptcies (you read that right, a casino had multiple bankruptcies), and a major betting scandal, among other major challenges, it seems that a name/owner change didn’t change the luck of this site.

A reader was nice enough to share their story with me, we’ll call him Sam.  On a recent trip to Las Vegas, things seemed to go south from the start when checking in to Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the check-in staff could not find the reservation, despite Sam providing the reservation number.  They corrected that well after 20 minutes and upgraded Sam and his wife to a one bedroom suite.  So far so good?  Now it is my opinion, that they never really found the reservation but instead offered Sam one of the handful of rooms the hotels hold back in case of an emergency.  This would be considered an emergency!

Sam and his wife were also travelling with another couple.   When the other couple settled in to their room, they discovered there was no hairdryer, so they called down to the front desk  and held on the phone for about 5 minutes.  This to me is a bad sign.  I don’t think I’ve ever held for more than a few seconds when calling down to any front desk.

What made this interaction worse was the front desk transferred the call to housekeeping, where the call held for another 10 minutes before they eventually gave up.  It was the second day before they actually were able to connect with housekeeping and the hairdryer arrived late that evening.

Back in Sam’s room, the coffee pot had coffee in it from the previous guests.  This was not a deal breaker for Sam, but he asked the front desk in person on the second day to ensure the pot was cleaned when the room was cleaned.   The person at the front desk said it would be taken care of.  Sam and his wife returned to the room in the early evening  to find the room clean but not the coffee pot.

Sam called the front desk and stated that this was not acceptable and to please fix while they were out at dinner.  Front desk replied with “Ok, but housekeeping is doing a shift change so it might take a few hours”.   Of course, we all know what’s coming.  Sam returns that night to find no change.

When checking in, the receipt that Sam signed stated the room comes with a free bottle of water.  Also on the second day, Sam mentioned that he noticed there were no bottles in the room.  The front desk replied that this perk was discontinued.

This experience had gone poorly, but Sam and his wife decided to give it another try.  The group was headed to the Cirque du Soleil show “Love.”  Sam asked the concierge to recommend a restaurant in the Mirage that they could go to before the show.  The response was that they could “try ‘Stacks’, it’s a burger place.”

While this may be fine for some people, unfortunately Sam and his wife are vegetarian (I don’t hold it against them so neither should you 🙂 ) so Sam asked for something with vegetarian food.  The response was “They might have something”, and then the concierge walked away.   Sam was stunned with this response, but figured they would find something on their own.

When it was time to check out, Sam commented that the service was pretty bad and that the coffee pot was still dirty.  The response: “Yeah, we now that service is an issue, we’re working on it.”  Sam figured this was the opportunity for the Planet Hollywood staff to redeem themselves and save this customer.  He asked if they could set the group up with breakfast”.  The final response: “No.  I can’t really comp you with anything.  Did you have a chance to take the tour for the timeshare opportunity?”

Readers:  What do you think of this experience?  What would you have done if this happened to you?


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