Alternatives to Bell & Rogers

Are you sick of dealing with constant billing errors and service failures?  Or maybe you’ve just had it with the obscene price you are paying for phone and cable, and the aggressive caps on internet.  Bell & Rogers have enjoyed a history of passive customers, who think there are no alternatives or are overwhelmed with the thought of changing service providers.

I have spent the last 2 weeks in the U.S. and I am amazed at the pricing and packages available for phone, internet and cable from a variety of providers. Perhaps this is a function of a large number of players fighting for customers.

Telephone & Internet

In Canada, Bell & Rogers have become the faces of poor customer service.   A number of smaller players have entered the phone and internet market over the last few years, most notably Acanac and TekSavvy.

I ditched Bell after a long battle over constant billing errors.  Even though I had an email with proof of the agreed upon contract, it took escalation to the Executive Office and a threat to pull my business.  Due to the lengthy correction process I was unhappy with the service.  After the errors were finally corrected, there was nothing offered for my hassle. I stuck to my guns and switched providers.

There are terms to which you must adhere when ending your service with Bell and Rogers.  Despite the numerous warnings on forums, I found the process to be rather straightforward.  I simply had to notify Sympatico (>30 days before end of contract) of the termination of service.  It’s worth noting that if you plan to keep the same phone number, do not cancel your phone service with Bell.  The new provider will take care of it.

I have been a satisfied customer of TekSavvy for almost two years.  Their customer service is great and the transition was seamless.  They handled the porting of my phone number and service.  The whole process was just a matter of filling out an online form and TekSavvy handled the rest.  Any inquiries I have emailed to their support have been quickly and accurately answered.


When in comes to Television, cable has become less and less relevant, especially for the younger generation.  I have been Rogers free for almost 10 years when I realized how expensive cable was getting and what a stranglehold they had on their customers.

I use an over-the-air (OTA) antenna for my television needs.  OTA covers most events and prime-time TV.  My costs were $100 for a decent outdoor antenna, $10 for cabling and about 2-3 hours to set it up the way I wanted.  I am in the Toronto area and receive roughly 25 stations.

The best part about this is that they are all HD/Digital channels.  You don’t need any special equipment to receive HD channels.  All newer TVs have HD tuners built-in.

Now most people using this setup say they don’t watch much television, so OTA is more than adequate.  I watch a significant amount of television and OTA covers most of my needs.

The internet is also an amazing source of television.  I stream any shows that I can’t access from OTA directly from the television network’s web site.  For example, Discovery Canada as well as CTV and CBC provide their shows online.  TSN will also stream certain events like the NHL draft if you are into that.

There is a large library available on U.S. networks like A&E and Spike that are available to Canadians.  If there is a show provided by a Canadian network, then head to their site to view.  If the show is not provided on a Canadian network, then head to the US web site.


I have been lucky enough to have a mobile phone provided and paid for by my employer for the last several years.   Wind mobile won a key decision that will allow them to play a significant role in wireless that will likely allow more entrants into Canadian mobile.


The bottom line is that I pay less than $65 a month for phone (long distance is $0.03/min), internet and TV access.  There are no surprise fees or sudden increases, and there are no contracts!

Imagine a world where you don’t need to make a monthly call to Rogers or Bell.  This is the world I’m living in now and I spend most days not thinking about it.

Readers:  Can you share your Rogers or Bell experience?  Has anyone else made the switch to another telecom provider?  Has anyone dropped cable for OTA or internet streaming?

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97 Responses to Alternatives to Bell & Rogers

  1. nadine zeldovich says:

    As Bell and I cannot agree on what constitutes “good” service, I’d love to switch but since I live in a rural area, that’s difficult. Bell says I am the last house to which they can provide “good service”, which means only one person can be on the internet at a time – otherwise, it freezes and crashes. The Bell technician told me that of the 23 lines available to me, only 2 are actually in good enough shape to function!! Anyway, I’ve heard that these new providers only work if you are in Toronto. I’m 45 minutes away and that seems to be too far. I’d love to know what other rural addresses do about this. Around here, we suffer with Bell or Rogers, which is no better.

    • Support Spy says:

      @ nadine You make a great point. TekSavvy and Acanac as alternatives are not always available. Since it is the physical Bell lines that seem to be of poor quality, the DSL versions of these alternative service providers won’t help (since they lease Bell lines). Acanac and TekSavvy do, however, offer a cable alternative and you can for TekSavvy enter your postal code here to check availability in your area.

      Depending on your rural area, there are other options. You can check out the options on this ISP Locator which displays all providers by city/town. Click on your province at the top, and then follow their 3 step process. You are not required to enter any personal info.

      When all else fails, you can probably switch to Satellite service. It is more expensive to setup and on a monthly basis. Check out Galaxy Broadband for an example and more details.

      Feel free to reply or email me ‘admin at supportspy dot com’ with your specific area and I can help narrow it down to a few options. Good luck on your search to replace Bell.

    • Katherine says:

      I am in what is considered a rural area (about 1 hour north of T.O – Just outside Barrie in a place called Midhurst – a.k.a Springwater) and I can not even get Bell or Rogers!!!

      Having recently moved to the area from barrie (where I used Worldline for internet and phone and was for the most part satisfied – it was cheap and it worked well) my only option for internet now is Xplornet – I pay TRIPLE the price (almost $150) for only 100G of internet (apparently they do not have Unlimited internet available and 100G is the most they could give me where I live)
      The worst part of this is, when I go on to their site and enter my postal code I am offered service packages that are far more affordable than this with more usage, but apparently they are not offered in my area when I go to sign-up and so I get the S**T end of the stick… With no other options available to me I am stuck with Xplornet..
      I’ll tell ya, I always hated Bell and Rogers but I’d give anything to be able to switch back at this point..
      It is Crazy that I am literally 6 MINUTES for Barrie (a rather large city) and can not get usable/affordable internet. I see all these initiatives to provide internet to those people around the world who can’t get it.. Well here we are AT HOME IN CANADA with little to no access, and when we do get it, it is unfairly priced!
      Just sayin’

      • Robert Dvernichuk says:

        Your experience, Katherine, seems to be a universal phenomenon. Its root stems from capitalist greed. The CRTC needs to stop playing like it’s a love-in, and push harder for these gate keepers to upgrade their internet infrastructure. I feel your pain.

      • Michele says:

        Have you checked Canada? I have been using them for about 15 years, first in Eastern Ontario for 12 years and now in Midhurst for about 7 years. Cheap and unlimited Internet.

  2. Marlie says:

    I hate Bell & Rogers, why doesn’t someone come up with the three services (Homephone, TV Reception & Internet) and blow them BOTH out of the water. I will Jump Ship, without any loyalty as soon as possible, and I know I am not alone, come on Teksavvy & Acanac – add TV to the bundle, and we’re there!

    Sick & Tired of fighting with these conglomerates who are always right!

    • Randy Bauslaugh says:

      Right on. The author says he pays $65/month. Give me phone, internet and tv for that or for anything under $100/month, heck for under $200/month, and I am in. Right now I pay Bell about $400/month average for pretty basic services.

    • idk2016 says:

      I FINALLY ditched Rogers TV 3 years ago,and use OTA,subtle amplified,indoor antenna purchased state side(saved against CAD).Didn’t think I would have a decent signal,wrong,Being in Toronto, facing south. I get all the networks about 97% of the time since the same broadcast can be on a local network with a better signal. U.S.broadcasts,with their commercials is a nice option during major sports events,awards shows. I use TekSavvy cable internet(Rogers wholesale),but TS gives better rates for the same,or similar access. TS customer service is okay given I am saving money;always have bad apples . My 2 antennas were FULLY paid for in about 3 months,based on the cable costs I no longer paid. Movies,I no longer bother with theaters unless I REALLY like the cast,etc.I don’t download, but stream 98% of what I watch. Bonus, my furniture isn’t dependent on where that cable jack’s located, living room layout works much better! Aside, bought a PHEV car where I will likely see at least 60% reduction in fuel use by plugging in. When the infrastructure improves, I expect 80% less fuel usage(ciy use). Hybrid mode should net me around 1000km highway drving,without losing power or comfort because of the brand (German). Overall fuel bill should easily go down 50% annually, based on mostly city use,and a few road trips(hwy).

    • Lyn says:

      Agree..Bell and Rogers are both hoŕrible..their agents don’t actually think about what you’re telling them before they respond. They just stick to their script like robots and talk down to customers. I left Rogers because of their horrible customers service only to try Bell to find out they are just as bad and probably actually worse! Looking for a new company now so I can get rid of Bell.

      • Sam says:

        I agree…I just spoke to Bell customer service in the Phillipines and she spoke to me from script like a robot and kept repeating things over and over and didn’t listen…it was a waste of time! I am going to leave Bell…I left Rogers years ago… I called Virgin mobile but found out TAH DAH! they ‘re owned by Bell… 🙁

    • Sandra Conners says:

      Absolutely!!!!! I so want rid of the monopoly that Bell & Rogers have in my area. They are gouging everyone with their bloated pricing. They need to be stopped.

    • Richard Clegg says:

      Go OTA for basic network TV, & then IPTV for the rest.
      Just sayin’!

  3. Patched says:

    Thank you so much for this article, even though it is dated! I went searching for connectivity problems EVERY evening that I am experiencing with Rogers Cable Internet, and came across this (and many articles stating how often this happens, over many years, to many people). I had NO idea that I could get my internet from somewhere OTHER than Rogers. I won’t even consider dealing with Bell. I called TekSavvy and couldn’t believe my luck when they DO in fact serve MY area too! I am cancelling my Rogers today and going with TekSavvy! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Val Marie says:

    I am concerned only about losing my email address. Over the last 15 years I have over 800 contacts. ( I am a consultant) and they all have my rogers email address . I am only worried that I will lose many such contacts. I guess I may have to go on a gmail route. Also my phone number of 35 plus years is not available on a landline but VoIP only. That’s the only thing that worries me.
    What cellphone provider do you suggest?

    • Random says:

      Just curious, doesnt it take couple of minutes to send mass email to all your contacts? also you can download/transfer them all to new email account.

    • Alla says:

      Hi Val!
      I had same issue about 4-5 years ago switching Rogers e-mail to TekSavvy, I am a consultant too. Here was done (with my son’s help :)):
      1. All contacts from Rogers account was transferred to the new gmail account (TekSavvy doesn’t provide e-mail account, you know that)
      2. I posted my resume on all job sites with new e-mail address and yes, spent some time to send e-mails to job hunters I worked close informing about e-mail address change. Within just a couple of months more 90% of my previous contacts updated their databases. I have same mobile phone number for over 15 years and it helped a lot when emails sent to my old account got back, so people just picked up the phone and called me, so I another chance to update with them my e-mail address.
      Hope it helps and good luck!

  5. Denise says:

    I am waiting the third time for Bell to show. My phone line came down Dec 22 in the ice storm. Dec 28 Bell said that the hydro lines were too close to their equipment and they could not repair until hydro repaired it. Hydro repaired the line Bell was called an appointment was made for Saturday. No one showed, no call nothing waited all day. Called them Sunday morning the computer apologized for missing the appointment and the repair staff I spoke to were very rude I was put on hold and disconnected. I ended up calling back twice more. They said today between 8 and noon. It is 11:42 and I really don’t think that they are going to show up. I am really pissed right now. I will never deal with Rogers again so I thought I was stuck. Thank you for showing me that there are alternatives. I have Teksavvy internet and will now have them as my phone provider.

    • Liz says:

      Bell is completely outsourced to the Phillipines. I spent 70 minutes on the phone and spoke to 13 people – what a joke!! Bell just doesn’t get it!! The alternatives choices in my area are poor at best (Cogeco, Rogers) which is shame poop different smell. I just want TV service because I don’t have a home computer. I’m moving soon and don’t want a contract.

  6. Abdul says:

    People wanting to get rid of rogers or bell for the landline phone should look in to OOMA. google
    One time cost for the box of about 150.00 dollars and 20 dollars ONLY per YEAR!
    About 4 dollars per month for 911 service and taxes, and one can call all over Canada unlimited for free…not to mention free call display, answering machine service etc.
    Need internet to work. I have gotten rid of Bell to which i was a prisoner for over 30 yrs and was treated like i didnt exist. They started being nice when realising i was leaving…too damn late. Am very happy with OOMA and its sounds much clearer than bell used to. Not going to look back. Internet and tv cable currently with Rogers. Any suggestions?

    • Rachel says:

      I checked out OOMA. google and it says the service is free for US residents. I’m in Canada, aren’t you?

      • Loopy Cooney says:

        I know this is an old post but have to say that I love Ooma. I’ve had it now for about 4 months and it costs me 3.99 a month for taxes and I live in London, Ontario. You can go the Premier route but has a lot of stuff I don’t need and that’s 9.99 a month. I can call Canada wide for free. When my sisters say their phone bills are 40 or 50 dollars I just cringe. I had Vonage for years but their price increased to 22+ so I bought the Ooma box and its great.

        I also have my internet with, unlimited for a total of 63.00 each month. I have a fantastic android box called MyGica and I haven’t talked to Rogers in over a year…who needs em.

    • valolo says:

      are u in canada? coz it would be great to know alternatives like that for people like me who live in canada.

    • Al says:

      I agree it is cheaper with Ooma. I just switched last week from Bell to Ooma. The only issue is little delay and if you talk in the same time one side can miss the end of the sentence from other side of the phone. If you are not so picky Ooma is cheapest solution.

      • Rick says:

        I had a pause but called Ooma tech service and…problem solved.

  7. Thomas Brown says:

    So glad to intercept info re;Alternates to Bell and Rogers. As so aptly described in your write up, we are a passive market and take a way to much guff from these two. As I describe them…THE NEW VERSION OF THE CAR SALESMAN! Ownership of sports and teams their facilities in a such short order didnt come from being PASSIVE or straight forward. Thanks for the insight and keep up the good work.

  8. Shar Richardson says:

    Hello all, I’m yet another Rogers/Bell hater and for all the same reasons stated above: billing errors, unbelievably poor service including; a MATRIX of telephone prompts! long wait times, inadequate staffing, poorly trained staff, tekkies, etc., inconsistent information from reps, tekkies, etc, having to call about repeat issues over and OVER again!! My frustration and patience levels are now through the roof! I have HAD IT with ROGERS and we all know BELL is just as bad if not worse.
    I’m grateful for this site and will follow-up on some of the suggestions. I’ve heard great things about TekSavvy by credible people in the tech world. I’m also going to check out OOMA. I’ll post back about my experience with them and what they are able to offer.
    Thanks for getting this website up!

  9. Jay says:

    I live in a building in Richmondhill that is serviced only by Rogers in regards to the Home Phone, Bell/Tek Savvy won’t come in and there are no alternatives if you want pure 911 access…I don’t want VOIP as it relies too heavily on Internet and Rogers is always down.

    Any ideas for a Home Phone with pure 911 access or is this it.

    We can choose either Tek Savvy or Smart Communications for Internet…Smart seems the best one with speeds as advertised and good CS.

    Rogers is HORRIBLE and expensive!

    • Martin says:

      A cellphone.

      All it needs is power, it can emergency dial without a sim card on nearly any global network.

      I know Oooma’s premier service will forward calls to your cell if the internet is down. The premier service costs $10 a month, plus the $4 regulatory + 911 fee.

    • Loopy Cooney says:

      I think you mean Start? I’ve had Start for a year and never had a problem. Watch all my shows from a set top android box and flipped Rogers the bird long ago.

  10. James says:

    How come Rogers sportsnet ontario, east, west or pacific is not listed in any capacity? I just see SN1 and 360.

  11. nick says:

    I just called and cancelled rogers internet… I feel so good about it …. Tekksavy here I come…. I desperately would love an alternative to TV also… High time their gravy train passes by my house without stopping… I thought the Crtc was supposed to be on the consumers side!!!

    • Rachel says:

      Good for you!!! More people need to leave these morons.

  12. Paul says:

    Just ditched 5 Rogers services:

    2 cells, home phone, cable and internet.

    Tekksavy all the way!!!!

    Im out in Cambridge, Any opinions on OTA antennas?

    • idk2016 says:

      Late responding, but wanted to comment in case you need something better. Wineguard indoor,amplified is minimalist, and works. Outdoor, small profile, FL6550A. Customer service wasn’t great,but the technology was there and I don’t intend on contacting further. Bought my indoor antennas from Costci U.S.

  13. Rachel says:

    I’ve had it with both Bell and Rogers! They promise me the moon and after I confirm 3 times over, I call the next day and the promo they promised me doesn’t exist! I can also dispute a 2.00 overcharge for more than 40 minutes before they relent. I HATE and I’m fed up with BELL and ROGERS! Why do they monopolize the market so much. Why hasn’t anyone else stepped in yet? Please post alternate solutions so everyone else can finally leave Bell and Rogers and stop wasting our time. I have no hair left from pulling out my hair after dealing with these idiots!!!!

    • Loopy Cooney says:

      They pay of the CRTC

    • Pam says:

      You have been crammed. This is the common practise of billing mistakes that require you to spend more time than is worth disputing it. In the US, Verizon was fined 50M for this practise. Both Bell and Rogers have been fined 10M each for this and other similar billing “irregularities”. You won’t hear about this on any of the Roger’s or Bell owned TV and Radio stations which represent just about everybody but CBC, but surprisingly (I am not) CBC hasn’t reported any of this. That is how reliable they are at getting you the important news you need. What a joke they are.

  14. Jen says:

    So, I read all the comments above, while pondering all the reasons I don’t want to leave Roger$. Funnily…I couldn’t think of a single reason I don’t want to dump ’em! Called Teksavvy, signed up for new home phone service and internet. Needless to say, Roger$ was NOT happy. The Roger$ guy was very familiar with Teksavvy and tried all kinds of strategies to talk me out of it…like service is lousy, no tech support, etc etc..But after two nights with several hours of no internet, phone, or cable service from Roger$ over the past month, I refused to listen to any further taurus excritore from Roger$! I’m looking at dumping their cable too. When the cell “contract” is up, hopefully it’ll be Wind for me! Fed up with this monopoly!

  15. Brenda says:

    I’ve been so pumped thinking I won with THE short lived every small victory is though..a small little fish in a big pond…no ocean..

    How brilliant are sharks..they know exactly where to feed..the $ are made a plenty because on our own as the small fry..add all the small fry and you’ve had a great dinner Mr.Shark.

    It’s thankfully to us…..unfortunately though..that just an undisputed $5..$10..becomes the riches of the most despised…easy to talk about their greedy..callous..evil…despicable…uncaring..self righteous.all consuming…Big Guys..
    I’m finally listening to my ITT genius..tried nicely for almost 2 years to stop battling The Bell…I smiled though when I won the battle..short lived because I never saw the war..I’ve sabotaged..too long of a story..

    Thanks..I googled what are options?

    Anyway..I’m definately doing tech SAVY..may give up TV..just USB sticks..

  16. says:

    BTW – Had been with Bell and by far they are the MOST DISGUSTING and DISHONEST organization that exists on this planet. Have logged literally days worth of time over the years disputing their billing errors, rude staff and condescending organization. Am with Rogers, used to be with Tek Savvy for Inet, but find they are just as bad. My only advice to people when dealing with Bell is simple, save yourself the time and bypass Customer Service and go straight to the ‘Loylty, Save’ dep’t and simply say what is your best deal to offer (it will save you time and aggravation) – but just be prepared to walk. (Be the best walk you ever take!)

  17. Gracee says:

    I have been with Bell for 23 years. The price has just gone up and up. Every other month my bill would be a few dollars more. I am now paying almost $250 for TV, phone and internet. My husband called to try and get a better price and they only offered to take $10 off. We are paying $70 just for our home phone. They have much cheaper plans on their website that they said we were not eligible for.
    I stuck with them for so long, for internet, because I had unlimited which I didn’t think anyone offered anymore. After 3 days without internet and multiple calls to Bell (and 3 different stories as to what the problem was) I called to cancel my internet. Well, let me tell you they put me right through to loyalty. A few days ago there was nothing they could do about my bill. All of a sudden they could give me a huge discount. Even with the special discount, they came no where near what I can get with Teksavvy. I cancelled my internet with them and signed up with Teksavvy right after. As soon as I decide between Teksavvy and OOma I’ll be cancelling my Bell phone too.

  18. Sean says:

    The CRTC is in the back pocket of the major telco’s. In essence they work for them, not the citizens of Canada as they are supposed to. It’s obvious to everyone in Canada that illegal, back room price fixing and collusion takes place between the major telco’s for decades now. Quite frankly, it’s laughable at how obvious it is. They take turns lobbying the CRTC if you watch carefully and one of my personal favourites was when “hated” rivals Bell and Rogers got together to buy MLSE. Once you understand you’re fighting an industry or in Canada’s case a super conglomerate and not a singular company you’ll be better off.
    They’ve bought up most of the alternative companies to create the illusion of choice. There are two examples of this; one are companies like Fido who serve a market Rogers doesn’t necessarily cater too so it’s simply multiple brands serving the market…that’s fine. The other is a little more sinister. Comlink is the best example. The worst service and product on the market…purposefully. If you dig deep enough you’ll see that they are owned by Rogers but have Tie Domi pitching their services as an alternative to the “big guys”. These types of companies are specifically geared towards providing a bad experience so consumers are sadly thrust back into the arms of Rogers/Bell. If Comlink/Rogers makes money great, if Comlink doesn’t make money then Rogers does anyways on the clients return. These companies will continue to rape this Nation as long as our government sits by and allows them. A 33% roll back in pricing is what’s required amongst crushing regulation and a flood gate of competitors so the collusion is harder to come by. What’s the catalyst for change? One company that enters the market that is allowed to do the right thing that everyone can flock to. Wind came close but will fail due to their poor network. I’m looking for the Tangerine alternative to banking for my telco needs. Good luck everybody.

    • john gilmour says:

      I have been through the rogers, and bell wringers, I dropped everything.
      Went with Worldline internet! Couldn’t be happier and they provide a phone line for $9.95 per mth, checkit out internet unlimited. I’m going to check out START!

  19. Mark says:

    You have it pegged to the “T”.
    Another analogy would be the carbon credit scheme. Pay to pollute.
    We also need to look at the other scams Rogers and bell have pulled.
    Remember a year or two ago when Rogers and Bell lobbied the CRTC to make all of the smaller services CAP their customers bandwidth? One of the underlying reasons for this was because they saw that people were resorting to streaming TV shows and Movies rather than pay ridiculous cable and sat. fees for commercial riddled programs so, they had to try and shut the competition down.
    A pal of mine had the Netflicks membership and was streaming using Rogers. I warned him about a bandwidth issue and he wasn’t worried cause he thought Rogers limit would be enough. LOL WRONG!!! 2 months later he told me that he didn’t realize that he was streaming High Definition and the file sizes for Hi-Def are HUGE.
    He had to pay Rogers $600.00 for Bandwidth overages.
    Notice also to the cable channels now being removed from regular cable. The “Digital conversion” they call it.
    Wake up call everyone… The so called FREE DIGITAL Decoder that they offer is NOT FREE and… You don’t get most of the good channels back if you do get one. Instead you must buy different packages to get the Comedy Network, History Channel, AMC etc.
    If you have a good paying job and a house with pillars out front, then you can watch some decent channels (still pelted with commercials) but, none the less some selections at any rate. If not, well your are S.O.L.
    I would think our government would want us all to have lots of channels and shows to watch in order to keep us all distracted while they rape our economy, industry and sell us off to the highest bidder.
    This may be a good opportunity to not give these bandits a cent and spend more time reading and waking up to what the big picture really is in our corrupt world.
    Everyone switch to these lower consuming light bulbs and conserve energy so we can sell it abroad. Oh! Wait a minute.. People aren’t using as much hydro now.. hmmm… okay let’s raise the rates!
    Al Gore you should be ashamed!
    Sorry, I kind of went off a bit there. Maybe the drama police are going to be looking for me for exercising my so called right to freedom of speech… Pathetic.
    Maybe if EVERYONE petitioned the CRTC something might happen. I doubt it because like Sean said.. CRTC has been paid off and we’ve all learned from O.J. that money talks.
    Control by fear I guess.

  20. Mark says:

    I should also add…
    I think these digital boxes are intrusive as well. Roger’s Nextbox is always doing updates and should we not be allowed to know what information it’s downloading, not just uploading? Wonder if are future involves tailored commercials by monitoring what we watch and when we watch?
    Just a thought.

  21. Mark says:

    our future not are future…. LOL ooops

  22. Nancy says:

    Cable box in our neighborhood got struck by lightening and burned cables coming from terminal box. It took me 10 days to have Rogers come to install new cables since I was with tek savvy. Yet, I am not switching back to Bell or Rogers. I know their customer service. My two tv got toasted by lightening and since it happened, I’m considering to cancel tv contract with Bell, buy smart TV, and switch to OTA. If you do not have knowledge and skills to do OTA yourself, what/which contractor do you call to request for cabling/wiring OTA service?

  23. Michael says:

    I was switching between bell and rogers for years. Both are horible companies that hit you with huge bills month after month a few months ago i made a commitment to never sign up with another service with bell or rogers again. I now use OTA for my tv, and i have two wind phones with no home phone any more. For internet i now have a wifi device from wind with unlimted data for 35 dollars a month, this may not work for everyone because after you use 10 gb of data they slow the speed down but at least it still works and they dont charge you overage fees. So far i am very happy with my service and am saving hundreds of dollars a month

  24. Dan Sauve says:

    I live in Haliburton county, Ontario. My address is actually Algonquin Highlands Ontario. Seems the only action here is Bell, for TV, home phone and internet.
    I hate the high costs per month and tel. solicitations when you are not behind in payments. I need other options ASAP HELP

  25. Warren says:

    There is another new entry into the cable internet market place in Ontario, WRS Web Solutions Inc. Offering Ontario residents the option to switch from Rogers cable internet, and perhaps save money. A separate/optional VOIP Home Plan is also offered which includes Canada/USA long distance. Please see website for details. There is also an optional affiliate program for customer and non-customers, which is free to join and belong to, and may make them a 3% monthly commission if the people they refer sign up for either an Internet or Home phone plan and continue on as paying customers.

  26. Amalle says:

    I am so sick of Bell and Rogers billing problems and dishonesty. Been with Rogers about 5 years now after leaving Bell. May go to Teksavvy.

  27. Ex cable employee says:

    I too am sick of Rogers even though I had worked for them as a full time employee ( not a contractor ). They are making so much $ off people they pay their executive staff way over what they are worth, spend $ on stupid so called improvements and have to find things that they can invest in to loose $ so it looks better on their books. Couple of little tricks I have learned that work with both Rogers and Bell is calling up their cancellation department and asking for your service to be disconnected. You will be supervised at the discounted rates they will then offer you.
    As for a phone line I use my computer and I have my computer on 24/7 anyways so it’s not a problem for me. You can get cell phone numbers too.

    • Abby says:

      Thanks for the suggestion on I was a contractor both at bell and rogers, and wind mobile before vimpelcom ditched them, worked closely with their all of their ‘customer experience’ people. Let me put it this way, their customer experience weren’t customer centric, it comes down to focusing on how maximize profit. Your trick works, because cancelation calls turn these customer into a ‘high risk’ customer, and they will be forwarded retention for ‘better plans’ to retain you. Why give customer the best when they don’t need to? Wind was fighting for a losing battle all along.

  28. Ex cable employee says:

    As for watching TV there are so many free streaming sites online that you will never miss not having cable TV. The only factor is you get an internet service that is fast and no transfer caps ( I do over 200 gigs a month )
    So in the end I end up paying only for internet access at under $40 a month with taxes with having phone service and being able to watch shows for free. You can’t beat that for the price!

  29. Just Canadian says:

    I switched to Ooma, my experience is perfect (Wow, this is a great company) as long as you have decent internet, Ooma is clear and you can use your regular phone, second I use Netflix and subscribe to unblock us website they are 49 for the year and you can get US Netflix and stream US sites like LifetimeTv, even BBC ONE …free yourself from Bell and Rogers ( I also use start communications for my internet) unlimited rates and great service no problems, I don’t have to restart my modem and router all the time. I just can’t find the programming for my parents so I have no choice but to keep rogers for only that reason …once I can find the multi cultural channels they can want I be totally free

  30. Random says:

    Free Voip, if you have good internet, go with

  31. jason says:

    i use magicjack for my home phone and can say they are awesome $35 a year +$10 for the canadian number. you can call anywhere in canada and usa unlimited+ cheap international calls only thing is you need internet. also thinking about jumping to vmedia for my internet. dont have tv

    • Loopy Cooney says:

      They may be ok from your end but my sister has Magic Jack in Canmore, AB and when she calls me in London, ON, she crackles and pops all over the place. I’ll give Ooma 3.99 a month as its clear and doesn’t even have dial tone…it has a nice musical tune instead.

  32. Gord P says:

    If you live in Toronto, or anywhere in Ontario where TekSavvy offers service, then I can’t recommend strongly enough that you consider them, at least for internet. I signed up for Rogers unlimited cable internet package when it still existed, only to have a ridiculous 60GB cap imposed on me without my consent within a year. Month after month, I was way over the allowance, and paid through the nose for it – typical monthly internet bill was over $200. I switched to TekSavvy DSL – initially to the unlimited DSL package, but reduced it to the 300GB cap, as I found that it was more than enough, even for a fanatically heavy downloader like myself. On DSL, anything that you download between 2am and 8am doesn’t count toward your limit. I have the 10MB/s DSL package, which is plenty fast, for $40/month. Excellent customer service, outages are rare, transition couldn’t have been easier. I am not affiliated with TekSavvy in any way other than as a very satisfied customer. If only they offered cable TV service, I’d be able to get rid of Rogers completely.

  33. Cathy DeVos says:

    Has anyone heard about yaknet?

    • idk2016 says:

      Yaknet was affliliated with Windmobile at one point.Painful experience due to their customer service.Pricing wasn’t great.Use VOIP,usually has great long distance if you need it. Ooma works,customer service can be hit and miss,per this site alone. Comb other sires for review,and the truth comes out. $4 a month to “backuo” mobile coverage is worth it to me

  34. Cathy DeVos says:

    VOIP is great if I have only one phone, I have phones in every room, so what do I do about that? Only one phone in my house? mobile phones DECT, emit tons of EMF!!!

    • Erik Dekker says:

      To hook up VOIP to your telephone or telephones you need an analogue telephone adapter (ATA). Google for this and you will find several options. I personally have an obi200 (available from The set up was done in under 5 minutes. Just put your obi where it would connect to all your phones, just where Rogers or Bell would have connected to all your phones. And you can choose any VOIP provider you want – you are not locked in like with ooma.

  35. Avi B says:

    After being with Bell for 38 years I have had it!!!! Hate them with a passion.
    I will definitely check out TekSavvy . Are they strictly for Internet and home phone or can I include my internet and mobile with them?? what about a good cable supplier? I want to be able to use my TV when I have visitors so the computer won’t do under these circumstances. I have tried to get rid of my home phone with Bell for months and they always come up with – “with the promotion it’s like you are not paying for your home phone”, what a crock of …………, every month there is a higher bill. I am paying between $210-$250 a month for Internet, Cable, home phone and mobile and every month it is higher. When I call them, there is always a Philippineo person who can hardly speak English trying to convince me to keep all. I can’t stand this company!!!! Any suggestions for a TV Supplier would be greatly appreciate.

    • john says:

      I bought a Speakout phone from 7/11, you buy your time, and it’s good for 365 days, or unless you use it up quicker1 and i use worldline, unlimited internet, never been happier, ended rogers, and bell, untrustworthy to my liking!
      I don’t miss Cable TV,
      decided not to get involved with any cable TV as they hold it for ransom, you can get tv, but you have to buy our internet as well? that’s like a car salesman saying, oh! yes you can buy that car, but you have to buy that pickup as well, to get the car???????????????????????????? GREED has destroyed the internet, and TV.

  36. Joe says:

    I am cable free but just want to watch my nascar and CFL on the weekends but to watch tsn on the website requires having a service provider…..which is one of the big brands… is this legal….????
    anyone got any ideas how to get around this???

  37. Pol says:

    allow will disagree with you. I already very long time use bell. I use Bell by means of cellcom, and I will tell which is very happy with service. Of course sometimes there are problems, but they are solved very quickly. Likely it is simple because of employees of the company in your area. I have bell fibe TV. Recently I passed in Toronto and Sellkoma, my phone number and fibe TV asked to bring here and any problems arose, I didn’t pay additional money.

  38. Andrea says:

    After a year long battle with my bf I just cancelled my cable with rogers and it never felt so good! Paying $90 for limited tv channels and truth be told we rarely watch t. Only two thing will be missed and that’s tv5 for French news and the occasional soccer game which I told him since we are saving money to go ahead and have some drinks at the pub and watch the game.

    We also cancelled our Internet with Rogers and switched to start. Unlimited no caps no problems. Sooooo happy!

  39. Michele says:

    BEST alternative i have found to cut off my cable and still get TRUE HD channels (especially sports)

  40. Pat says:

    I can’t stand Bell and Rogers.
    Lousy customer service.Overpriced TURDS !

  41. HappyD says:

    I too got sick of bell with having to pay avg $50 a month just for a basic phone line yet got an unlimited talk and data plan for $40 a month for a cell phone. Bells last phone bill they jacked up the price an extra $20 so I called to fix it. They would not adjust the bill one penny. I had the same number for over 20 years and never once got cut off. I was so pissed at them that they could take thier last bill to me and shove it up where the sun does not shine. As for tv I run an android box with a program called kodi ( used to be xbmc) and get all the channels and movies I want without having to pay anything more other then my Internet access

    • Larry says:

      Hi Happy D!
      Many people are in the same boat…… but don’t know there are other options! We are with a company called ACN (All Communications Network) at our apartment. They are wholesalers for all the major telecom companies in Canada! They offer service through their networks , don’t advertise and offer lower prices!

      I’m not sure where you live, but in Ontario home phone and Internet starting at 66 dollars per month! And that’s with unlimited long dist calling Canada and USA and to 80 countries worldwide, and unlimited cable internet 5 mpbs!

      With an upgrade to 15mbps cable internet it is 79 per month. Canada based customer care and great tech support! Send me an email and I can get u more details! Its another choice!

      Best of luck in finding a good alternative! More competition is great for all of us!

  42. Wanda says:

    I too hate Bell, my bills are coming up to $225.00 month for home phone and internet. I only have one feature, and only make about 2 long distance calls a months and they are within my home province of Ontario. When I signed up, they told me my Internet would cost $40.00 month plus tax. Yeah, right. Now it’s $78.00/month. I too am looking into to Teksavvy– a friend of mine is happy with them, however they only can provide cable internet in my area and VoIP phone which I’m not too crazy about.

    The real trouble is that Bell owns all the phone lines and infrastructure and no other company can afford to put in that kind of infrastructure — yet. Bell has been overcharging for these lines which where installed at the beginning of the 20th century and haven’t had much repair since…. I had problems with my line once (which is “underground”) I could see the line coming up through the dirt– they came and the guy just kicked some dirt over it with his boot and drove away. Unbelievable. Bell knows it has this monopoly and won’t be touched unless some other company is willing to put physical lines in for every home and business in Canada. That’s a lot of lines, and feeding stations. Ain’t gonna happen. The only hope is that someone will buy Bell out and that probably won’t happen either. So Bell just leases their lines to their so-called “competition” like Comwave– and are laughing all the way to the bank.

  43. slowluv says:

    Was a Bell customer for years, had some issues with my Sat TV, got talked into Fibe TV but then I had a crappy picture. After a tech came and saw my problems, they finally changed the card somewhere out on the street and they fixed it. Had to use loyalty to keep prices from getting crazy but finally said goodbye June this year.
    Jumped to Rogers after being promised the best service and a sweet deal. They also have Fox Sports Racing channel and this year the MotoGp racing season has been tremendously exciting.
    My experiences with Roger$ haven’t been without its share of problems and I am ready to cancel my services after the last Motogp race next week.
    I am looking forward to testing out some of the recommendations I have found on this website, Thank you Spy

  44. Jasc says:

    Also leaving bell….always quote a price….you agree…then get your bill which is incorrect…call…wait on hold….argue….they always say oh no we don’t offer that rate….even though you were given that rate….liars….liars…I’m done

  45. Jack says:

    I am a senior citizen on a low fixed income needing to know the best way to get home phone with north america unlimited calling, unlimited internet and tv with lots channels/programming that include nascar and baseball that is lost cost per month.


    Just can’t do the cable company anymore.

  46. Larry says:

    Hi Jack!
    I am 61 years old so getting there! Cost is important to us so we went with ACN. Unlimited NA free calling included with their home phone, and no cap internet! Works great and a low price!

  47. Royce Stewart says:

    I have had Rogers for all of my services for nearly 20 years after having Bell-Aliant
    in New Brunswick.

    Rogers is the best :

    Reasonable billing

    Always accurate billing.

    Talented personal when you call them, I called them to thank them for their
    excellent service and wish them a Merry Christmas,

    Always answer my questions, I seldom have any

    Contrary to what you have read, there is no one rushing to switch to Bell.
    I know of several neighbors that switched to Bell, but now are switching back

    Royce Stewart

    • Helen says:

      I wish I had your experience with Rogers, I call them once a week.

  48. A canadian says:

    Bell Canada what a necessary evil we as Canadians have to put up with!! It seems they get away with all kinds of harassment and evil attitudes and no officials or complaints do correct any of the problems that we as Canadians have to face with Bell

    • FedUp says:

      Bell and Rogers both have given me bills of $400+ because I was told a certain amount and kept paying that but they say the tax was not added. So as a result I am looking for new companies for internet. phone and cable. Any suggestions?

  49. Booras says:

    I moved away from the big bros in 2013. Moved to Vonage for home phone, Teksavvy for Internet and use IP TV. I must say in all i pay about 100 to 120 per month. Teksavvy customer service is pretty good, the guys are responsive. Problem is they depend on rogers to send the tech’s out should there be issues. I must say from 2013 to 2015 no issues…lately seeing a lot of internet service issues – not sure if the big bros have a hand in the game.

  50. GrandMaster says:

    I don’t have a cellphone because I use my wife’s prepaid one, $25 / month. We don’t have TV and the only other utility we have is Bell internet. I really can’t stand the outrageous bills and feel like I have to be limiting myself when using the internet even though I do not download nor stream a lot. I am REALLY considering switching to TekSavvy very soon!!!!!

  51. Jan says:

    I live in Peterborough, Ontario. I am looking for TV solution. I was with cogeco cable now with satellite Shaw direct but unhappy with what I am getting for my money. I would love to hear suggestions, looked at OTA but there is very few stations available in my area. Just switched the phone from OOMA to Yak – will see how that will work.

  52. Helen says:

    I’m so done with Rogers…I’m not sure if bell is the solution but,I need to get away from Rogers lol (not really)…..don’t know where to go, only know I’m not signing with Rogers for another 2 years so, if anyone can guide me, I’d be grateful

  53. M. says:

    i cancelled my cable TV 2 years ago and watch everything on the web. there is no OTA reception where I live in southern Manitoba. just google “how do I watch tv and movies on the internet for free”. there are many websites to walk you through it. There are many sites which allow one to stream public domain movies, so there is no concern about copyright infringement. Streaming in Canada is legal, downloading or torrents may violate copyrights. CBC streams shows with limited advertising. If you use a VPN you can access BBC and ITV from the UK, anywhere worldwide really. Be sure to install a good malware program to protect your computer.

  54. Doris says:

    I am also soooo done with Bell and Rogers. Yesterday was the final straw. I got a letter in the mail that read something like this: “Just a note to say that we have been undercharging you for your phone service…. but not to worry. We will not back charge you but your phone service is going up!” I thought, wtf? I just got a $5 increase same time last year? What do you mean we have been undercharging you? I immediately called Bell and told them I was highly insulted at their letter and that they had a lot of nerve. I informed them that I was done and would be switching service providers at my earliest convenience. They transferred me to their “loyalty” people as I have been a good customer for 30 years….. well I guess if I was a good customer I wouldn’t have purchased that magic jack at $99 for 5 years would I? So she gently explained the facts of life to me and suggested an even MORE expensive plan! I told her she must think I’m crazy. She then suggested I could switch to include internet and TV and home phone bla bla bla. I told her I wouldn’t chose Bell for anything more (they had their chance years ago and blew it) even if my life depended on it and I told her I HATE Bell. The only reason I kept my land line all these years is for 911 and in case the power goes out. No other reason. I am switching everything, including my cell phone (which I learned not too long ago Solo is owned by the idiots at Bell too). I have read all the advice and suggestions here and thank everyone for your time and input. I have some research to do and then stick me like a fork……. I’m done and outta this hot oven!

  55. Solange Hosselet says:

    I ditched Bell years ago and will never use them again for anything. They cost me over 100 hours of lost business time due to a problem stemming from their end. I still prefer to have a landline at home, especially as I am hearing impaired and require special phones from the Canadian Hearing Society. Thus, not wanting to use Bell or Rogers for the phone, I purchased a Magic Jack device and never looked back. I have no monthly fees! There was an initial expense for the device of approximately $70.00 or $80.00 dollars. I have all the bells and whistles that the other providers charge for, i.e., call display, conference calling, voice messaging etc. but with no additional costs! I pay an annual renewal fee of approximately $60.00 and that’s it. The best part is because I am not with the other providers, my home phone number is unlisted and I am not paying for that privilege either!

    As for internet and cable, when I was in the country (Winchester) just outside of Ottawa limits, I used a wonderful company called Eastlink. They were excellent. I was actually able to get a voice on the other end of the line if/when I needed to speak with anyone (very seldom). I moved back into Ottawa (Kanata) and was forced to go with Rogers for internet & cable, as unfortunately, Eastlink only covers rural areas for now.

    I have only been with Rogers since March and I have already had to replace my Nextbox once and now have another service call in because I unable to get my Stingray music channels. If this fix is not the last one, I will look into one of the other options mentioned above.

    I am sick and tired of Bell and Rogers poor service. I even had to wait in a queue for their online chat help!!! Whenever I try to get on the phone with them it takes hours.

    The other day I was rerouted to four different people just to set up my incoming/outgoing server settings in Outlook on one of my (many) computers. It took over 2 hours to get things fixed!

    It really irks me that the service is so poor when I am paying for a service that has a lot of down time. They never offer a refund or discount.

    All the comments and feedback have been very helpful.

    Thank you

  56. KIMBERLEY says:

    I want WiFi also a lot of TV channels as I watch a lot of TV no need for a home phone II live in z Ottawa what service can set me with both WiFi also cable channels

  57. John Doe says:

    I am aggressive getting my neighbors to dump bell. Their DSL sucks and their fiber packages compared to Tech Savvy are far more expensive and come with a stingy bandwidth allowance that will ensure overage costs if you use any streaming service.

  58. Mary Casey says:

    What a great site.
    I have Bell service for over maybe 50 years and for the past 3 years I have Bell internet.Have no internet at times. Ever night I am temporary disconnected and is very slow. I am 75, on a pension and don’t fully under stand about computers. I know I got to get rid of Bell ($127.06)and Rogers basic cable and home security($79.43). I phoned Bell 3 times to no avail,first time could not understand the person speaking, second time I don’t think she cared about my problems, she was giving the sales pitch. When I over paid 1 month they gave me a credit for 30 cents. I bet if one misses a payment they won’t be long sending you out a bill.
    Where do I turn to to have someone to set my internet up for phone and tv? Do the internet provider do this?
    Thank you

  59. Almarose421@Gmail. Com says:

    We recently moved to Kitchener from Toronto; where we were with Tek Savvy. TS was great, no more bell or Rogers! In Toronto I had installed an OTA. Loved it. My bills went down substantially. But in Kitchener we only have bell and Rogers because the fibre optic lines they control, permit no competition. I’m actually looking to move because it’s so infuriating. I’m back to the monthly phone calls to fix the bill and our exterior fibre optic lines is damaged. We’ve been waiting 3 days for a phone call to make an appointment to have it fixed. So, no Internet.

    • Chris H says:

      So frustrating. I’m in Waterloo and spend an hour and a half on the phone today to give them money and got absolutely no where. They were actually rude. If I could buy wireless service somewhere else I would. They don’t deserve my business. No other business could run this way successfully.

  60. Kim Kozik says:

    I was getting rural DSL unlimited internet from a 3rd provider Vianet , Bell just disconnected my DSL service with no recourse. Is that even legal? Then they still expected me to keep my $55 voice only land line despite this.
    In this area Bell have an agenda to eliminate DSL and provide only wireless connections with quantified usage. I’m trying to wheen myself off internet now, you don’t realize its like crack till they take it away.
    Totally disgusted

  61. J. Anderson says:

    Hello I will be subletting an apt. in Toronto for 6 months. The apt. already has Rogers internet/ tv. But the owner suspends the service while I’m there. Last time I convinced Rogers to allow internet only but had to use a separate modem. The so-called “service” was an absolute nightmare. I almost felt like I needed to be hospitalized by the time I left.
    I’ve thought of tethering from my cell phone but would need to pay for expensive cell service.
    Is there any other server or device that would provide reliable home internet service for really low usage… email, netflix, no gaming.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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