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Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and have participated in a campaign to help spread the word about  Although the campaign is over, I think that has benefits for my readers.  I am not affiliated with and do not benefit in any way from increased traffic/membership of

There was a time when you picked up a phone book and found a retail store to buy something specific.  Perhaps you drove by a restaurant and decided to stop in for a meal.  But word-of-mouth has always been the best way to get the lowdown on a business.  The difference now, is that the internet and social networking sites have taken word-of-mouth to a whole new level.

In 1999, the web site was launched.  I have used it for the last decade usually to find a phone number or in some cases an address.  The relaunch of has produced some great benefits for customer service oriented people.

Real reviews from real people are added instantaneously and unfiltered.  To add your voice, you must create a profile with standard information, (ID, p/w, email) and can add as much personal information as you like.  Then you can offer reviews for any business.

Search for a business and post a review.  Your review is immediately posted and can be seen by the public.  The business owner cannot remove the review. There are, however, members of the team that check up on the reviews to ensure they are fair.

This is not the first web site to offer up business reviews.  What makes it different, is that:

  • It is localised – you are reviewing businesses in your community for others in your community.
  • It includes all Canadian businesses with a business telephone number – there are no limits around which businesses or which type of businesses you can review and anyone who creates a profile can participate.
  • You can comment on specific locations -this works especially well for large chains.  Experiences differ from one location to another when dealing with larger companies.
  • You can agree/disagree with another person’s review – giving a review further legitimacy

The web site builds a sense of trust from the community about the businesses.  The business owners can participate by adding a business profile to attract more visitors. Over time, the businesses with the best customer service and overall experience will become apparent as more reviews are posted.

I would recommend using this site to post reviews of businesses in your community.  It will also quickly become a great database of product and service ratings for you to consider when deciding where to spend your money.

Readers: Have you had a chance to use the new  Are there other sites that are comparable?  Would you post reviews here?

UPDATE: It has become obvious to me that there are enough people who have had a bad experience with  I will leave time for customers to continue posting and will write a follow up or remove this recommendation altogether.  Thank you all for your thoughts on this!  The community has spoken.

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14 Responses to How helps companies with strong customer service

  1. Tyler says:

    This is the first positive review I’ve heard about Most other individuals are reporting it as a scam. Once a business pays for their service it is almost impossible to cancel as no one every answers emails or calls at I am currently having just such a problem with them. Be very wary of using this service and never sign up on a free trial because they WILL NOT let you cancel it. I am having to go through the credit card to cancel the payment as I can’t get a hold of anyone to cancel. I’ve called every day for a month leaving a message each time as well as emails to all available email addresses on thier. I have never received a message back.

  2. Philson J Kempton says:

    How can I get in touch with by phone & email address??

    I would appreciate your response

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Philson,

      I hope all is well and I do apologize for the rather late response, I’ve just come across your post here and wanted to make sure you get the answer you were looking for.

      You can contact anytime by phone or by email and we’ll be sure to get back to you with 24-48 hours. You can reach Customer Service at 1-866-411-4411 Ext 2. or reach a Community Manager by email at

      Kind Regards,

      Community Manager
      411 Local Search Corp |

      Looking for a faster way to find People and Businesses in your Community? Get the App – Now available in the Apple and Google Play Store.

      • Mike Mikeson says:

        Oh, you just happened to come across it did you? So this blog post is not another scam?
        Let me get this straight. The guy writing this blog is the only person on the internet that has written a positive review about 411, and then you just happen to come across this post and offer your contact details? How stupid do you think people are?

    • Tiger says:

      Philson J Kempton
      From my experience ,you will never get an response from
      You will never find another company so unprofessional and so unethical as Mr. Steve Curry, owner and Mr. Romanchych will take your money and have a party.

    • Mike Mikeson says:

      Is something wrong with you? Do you not know when everything is pointing to a scam?

  3. They expend 20 minutes at the phone explained to me about the advertising consultant appointment, my best optimization services to find clients and other services that I found so great! I hope its working. In fact its a great way to find business around Ottawa. The customer service lady was very professional and direct.

  4. chantel with Precious Moments Photography says:

    This service is a scam! Do not use their service!
    I am still trying to cancel my services with them after signing up on a free trial in August 2015. I have called several times to cancel, and they still charge me for service (precious moments photography) I have not recieved one call back yet. My business ad can still be found on their website, Saskatoon Canada

    Please do not give them your credit card number or banking information

  5. Paul says: was a horrible nightmare… Signed up only for 1 month, confirmed this with their sales representative ( bunch a bullsshitersssss) i can cancel at anytime. Been trying to cancel service but was not able to: Called left messages, send emails, even called the stupid sales rep and he refuses to cancel. About 1 month later i notice a charge on my credit card for $56.50 ( was suppose to only be $33.90) so i called my credit card company and i got them to reverse the payment back to my credit card. Few weeks later i got a call from a man- about some promotion 2 months free for a yr etc. I refuse told him i canceled, he says no i didn’t- i laughed and said yes i did. He was so pushy , told me i can get 6 months at 50% off alot of bullshit coming out of his month i can smell it over the phone. I told him i am not interested.. he kept on talking for a few moment (felt like weeks and days)- he sounds like s real loser. he then place me on hold while he talked to his manager to give a better deal- the whole time i told this dude no- and he still continue to explain how the service works etc and how it would benefit me… he came back on the phone i said NO I DON’T WANT THE SERVICE…. AND I ENDED CALL. A FEW WEEKS LATER I SEEN ANOTHER CHARGE TO MY CREDIT CARD. THEY EVEN CHANGE MY EXP DATE.. LOL HAHAHA BUNCH OF SCAMMERS- PLEASE BE AWARE OF A MAN NAME ROLAND COY and ADAM, BUNCH A BULLSHIT TALKERS. HE IS A SCAMMERS AND SO ARE THE REST OF 411FRAUND.CA CLAN. I did call my credit card company and DISPUTE the payment to my credit card ( you can dispute the charge with my credit card company IT WILL GO BACK ON YOUR CARD





  6. mel says: charged my visa in jan 2015, over a year ago for a service that my assistant re-signed up for without my approval. they would not cancel this then and I stated (told them to pull my voice conversations) then that I would not continue with them in the future. I never received an invoice from them then nor now and once again they have charged me for a service that I did not authorize nor is that same assistant working for me from over a year ago. also would not let me speak to a supervisor but rather kept trying to get me to do an upgrade (check your voice recordings which you also do not tell people that you are recording). Your person states that no refunds even though I did not speak to someone when I was left messages. I also was told that when I was looking for the review spot on your website to write my complaint, I was asking for the link and the person would not give it to me. What kind of business do you run? You have been dishonest not once but twice to me. Not once in 2015 have you contacted me to seek my approval to do more with my account. Only in January 2016 did you try and leave me messages – which I have now checked with my provided and have no records of these calls.

    You will not reimburse my charges but rather insisting that I upgrade. You wont listen to me about this either as I said this is fraud. They insist that they have left messages for me to call them back – which I did not do as I had no plans of re-registering with them. I told them they could not re-register me as I did not authorize it. Where do I register this complaint as fraud? I want my money back. You wont let me talk with a supervisor either or put my complaint on your site. I just want this nightmare to go away and you stop charging me and return my unauthorized payment. LISTEN TO YOUR 2015 JANUARY CALLS WHERE I STATE I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS COMPANY. YOU FORCED ME THEN TO STAY WITH YOU AS YOU WOULD NOT GIVE ME A REFUND THEN. YOU HELD ME HOSTAGE.

    I am launching this complaint within 48 hrs publicly should I not have any results from this company; with the local police, RCMP fraud department, government fraud department, BBB, every realtor in CANADA, every news program and online support groups. (I have now seen all of the reviews on the company which all speak of scammers) I now want this company put out of business and that everyone know the truth about it. Very disappointed with the way you do business!

  7. Dale says:

    Whatever you do, don’t give your money. Your money is better spent on a jar of magic beans.

  8. Ronnie Mcleod says:

    This company is a scam artist company. They use deceptice sales and billing practices. Do not give them your credit card number under any circumstances.

    The best way to handle matters if they evade or refuse to cancel your account is to call your credit card company and ask them to cancel your card and send you a new one. They are well aware of this company as they get many complaints about them so they will be on your side and may even reimburse payments you have already made. They are aware that always try to put through the payments manually to beat the system as many of the major credit cards have blocked payments to them.

    Do not deal with them. There are dozens of complaints about them to the Better Business Bureau and they have even been in trouble with the CRTC.

  9. Myles says:

    How is this scam even legal? Seriously, shouldn’t someone be behind bars?

  10. Keli says:

    I have also had a terrible experience with it is so easy to sell someone on your service but it is a whole other thing to provide honest customers service. First they were a “NO SHOW” for they scheduled set-up appointment after they sold us on signing up. They never made another effort to service or re-book the appointment. They listed our name incorrectly in the listing. We then had a call to up-sell our listing add about 4 months in. I expressed my displeasure to which they didn’t care (the sales team was only there to sell. I then called a week later to cancel after double checking my google analytics to find I have had zero hits from anyway. They assured me my customer service rep would get back to me. He in fact (maybe deliberately?) was calling the wrong number to reach me. I then get an email from him to try and up-sell and keep me. I returned his email but it bounced back to me. I then called to speak to a manager (Stephanie) because by now it is to the point I think they should know what has taken place but they refuse and send me to our customer rep (Krostoff ) who does nothing but justify and tell me “life happens” regarding his no show and that he believes he has done nothing at all wrong.

    Good old customer service, integral business practices or internet traffic is not what you will get from this company even though they took my over $200/month for 6 months and are choosing still still charge me one more month before canceling.

    Amazing how many opportunities the company had to address my concerns prior to me posting on a review site like this.

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