Leveraging other’s experiences

An interesting thing happened when I returned from vacation.  My vehicle was left in the driveway of my parents’ house for a week, under an evergreen.  Unfortunately, that tree had been leaking sap.

Tree sap has a terrible effect on paint. For anyone that has had the experience of trying to remove sap from any surface, it is not a fun process and the sap usually wins.  My parents told me that this had previously happened to their car.  After days of trying, and several different techniques and products, the paint was damaged enough that they eventually repainted the car.  That was a thousand dollar decision.

About half of the hood and the fender of my vehicle was covered in the sticky nightmare. My wife and I initially tried to scrub the sap off, but instead we managed to spread it around.   The white coloured sap was a rather stark contrast to the dark blue of the vehicle.  A few days of scrubbing got us nowhere.

Everyone we spoke to wished us luck in getting rid of the unwanted design.  We were considering repainting the vehicle.  Then today we realized that the internet actually has useful information.

After some investigation on the web, my wife was able to find details on removing tree sap from a vehicle.  Apparently this wasn’t as niche or as rare as I thought it was.  So after reading some tips about using a hair dryer or nail polish remover (aka paint remover – what were they thinking), we settled on the most benign of the options, hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer, a rag, and only a small amount of elbow grease fully removed the tree sap! It certainly pays to do a little web research.  Use the power of many experiences to help resolve any issue that you may think is unique.  You are not alone. You will feel empowered, and you might even be able to save some time and money.

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