Unidentified phone numbers

I started to get calls from telephone numbers that I did not recognize on my mobile phone. Not being one who just has to pick up the call, I tend to ignore numbers of unknown origin and let my voicemail work for me.  If it’s important they will leave a message or find me in any of the other hundred ways I can be reached.

Recently someone (or something) called from the numbers 210-301-0307 and 210-249-0540. I can be curious sometimes and decided to look up the number on the internet, simply by entering the phone number in Google. The web is full of great information.

After only about 30 seconds of review I was able to determine that these numbers are spoofed. They don’t exist. They are being faked by the caller. In some cases the caller asks for personal information and in other cases they hang up.

It’s a good idea look up a number you don’t recognize before answering.

Then one day 705-719-6444 popped up on my call display.
Who calls me from 705-719-6444?

Well the answer may not surprise you. Read about the scam caller here. While I was looking up this phone number, the caller left me a message.

The caller identifies himself by saying his name and muttering the name of the company (which after listening a few times, I came up with Mark Smith from KMG).

Mr. Smith addresses me by my first name only and tries to sound very familiar (as if we have known each other for awhile). He doesn’t explain why he’s calling. He is eating while he’s leaving the message possibly to make it sound more casual.

Be careful of this type of contact, because a person like Mr. Smith can lull you into a false sense of security. If you do end up on the wrong end of a call like this, I would not engage the person.

It’s not advisable to ask questions as you may be giving up more information than you realize (see: Black Widow from the Avengers). I don’t know if it’s a scam or not, but I don’t intend to find out the hard way.

Readers: Have you been the victim of a telephone scam?

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