Navigating the site

As the blog grows, changes will likely come to the layout and features of this site.  Currently, there are a few tabs available.  Allow me to provide highlights:

About is a little blurb about me, Support Spy.

The Resources centre will provide you with an evolving/expanding database of contacts for some of the more well known companies in Canada and beyond.

Ask an Insider will provide a forum for any questions you may have about how to proceed with your specific situation.  Feel free to post comments or (for privacy) email me.  I can consult with my insider contacts.

The Home page will include frequent blog entries that include tips and tricks on getting help from customer support, as well as stories from friends, family, colleagues and my readers.  Please feel free to add a comment or question to any blog entry.

Hopefully I can make your interaction with support a little less painful or even enjoyable.  Take full advantage of the site and please provide any feedback you may have.

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