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Should United Airlines be ashamed?  Know your passenger rights.

Customer experience should be at the top of mind for any industry.  It should be especially important for an industry that claims to be struggling.  We have all heard stories of passengers behaving badly on airplanes, and airlines portray the … Continue reading

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The Current State of Canadian Telecom

Living in Canada, means at one time or another you’ve complained about your cell phone provider (this goes for Internet service providers too). It’s telling of the current state of the Canadian telecommunications industry – three industry giants Rogers, Bell, … Continue reading

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Extended warranties are a cash cow

Electronics & appliances sales people, I’m looking at you!  You have to love the effort.  There are many fantastic, advertised deals on electronics, home theatre products, appliances, and other related items, and you don’t have to wait for the Christmas … Continue reading

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Stella & Dot – new hidden costs

Stella & Dot is a multi-level marketing based line of boutique-style jewellery.   By using a trunk show (tupperware-style party) selling strategy, their ‘stylists’ (independent sales partners) showcase the product directly to customers. Anne, a stylists who I have spoken … Continue reading

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Hotel Safes Are Not Very Safe

Have you taken a trip recently?  Did you stay in a hotel?  Did you trust that your money, valuables and important documents would be safe?  This is not a doomsday issue, but you should take extra care when using a … Continue reading

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