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Should United Airlines be ashamed?  Know your passenger rights.

Customer experience should be at the top of mind for any industry.  It should be especially important for an industry that claims to be struggling.  We have all heard stories of passengers behaving badly on airplanes, and airlines portray the … Continue reading

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Stella & Dot launches new platform at the wrong time

Stella & Dot is a multi-level marketing based line of boutique-style jewellery.   By using a trunk show (tupperware-style party) selling strategy, their ‘stylists’ (independent sales partners) showcase the product directly to customers.  A stylist approached me in early December, … Continue reading

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Pressuring a company into resolving your complaint

Have you ever been so upset with a company after a terrible  experience or lack of response that you threatened to go to the Better Business Bureau (among other choice words)?   Well, you may want to plan future attacks more … Continue reading

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Consumer advocates can help make you whole

Is your voice still not being heard?  Is the company giving you the run around or maybe even ignoring you?  Is the system they have in place leaving you in limbo? Have you now done some research and realized the … Continue reading

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Next Stop: Using Social Media to call out a company

In my last post I discussed how and when to get a supervisor to address your concerns. The next step in your journey through escalating an issue is to advertise your displeasure. If you are not getting satisfaction from a … Continue reading

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