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Hotel Safes Are Not Very Safe

Have you taken a trip recently?  Did you stay in a hotel?  Did you trust that your money, valuables and important documents would be safe?  This is not a doomsday issue, but you should take extra care when using a … Continue reading

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Unidentified phone numbers

I started to get calls from telephone numbers that I did not recognize on my mobile phone. Not being one who just has to pick up the call, I tend to ignore numbers of unknown origin and let my voicemail … Continue reading

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Tornado warnings for Southern Ontario…

There are several Tornado watches and warnings in Southern Ontario.  Seek shelter and ensure there are as few small projectiles as possible in your yards. You can track the weather on radar at the Weather Office, so that you can make … Continue reading

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Suspect an Earthquake?

In light of the recent east coast earthquake (early report is a 5.9 magnitude centring in Virginia), I’d like to present a useful site for confirming your crazy suspicions. This may be boring to you west coast people who are … Continue reading

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