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Intro to Outsourcing – Who you are speaking to and why – Pt 1

This is the first of a 3 part introduction to outsourcing. Outsourced call centres exist to make it as easy as possible for a company to provide customer support for the lowest cost.  These call centres can be local/onshore or offshore … Continue reading

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Europcar generates more questions than Jeopardy

Our favourite Jeopardy champion (no, not Watson), Ken Jennings, had a terrible interaction with Europcar which he posted about this week.  While it may not be clear whether Europcar was gouging Ken (of course they were), it is clear that sticking … Continue reading

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4 simple tips for dealing with big companies

For my first post, I thought I would provide some basic, tangible tips. This post is focused on getting the most out of first line support at large companies. Too often these simple tactics are overlooked: Use email when dealing … Continue reading

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Navigating the site

As the blog grows, changes will likely come to the layout and features of this site.  Currently, there are a few tabs available.  Allow me to provide highlights: About is a little blurb about me, Support Spy. The Resources centre … Continue reading

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Welcome to Support Spy

Welcome to Support Spy. After reading so many blogs out there over the last few years, and seeing the way the blogging community unites, I’ve been inspired to try to make a difference. Let’s get started!  The purpose of this blog … Continue reading

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