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What does the TTC owe you?

In a recent post, Toronto Mike posted an open letter from a disgruntled TTC customer. The customer had a terrible experience riding the TTC on a recent Sunday in August.  The ‘troubled TTC user’ began the letter by noting that … Continue reading

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Tornado warnings for Southern Ontario…

There are several Tornado watches and warnings in Southern Ontario.  Seek shelter and ensure there are as few small projectiles as possible in your yards. You can track the weather on radar at the Weather Office, so that you can make … Continue reading

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Suspect an Earthquake?

In light of the recent east coast earthquake (early report is a 5.9 magnitude centring in Virginia), I’d like to present a useful site for confirming your crazy suspicions. This may be boring to you west coast people who are … Continue reading

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Leveraging other’s experiences

An interesting thing happened when I returned from vacation.  My vehicle was left in the driveway of my parents’ house for a week, under an evergreen.  Unfortunately, that tree had been leaking sap. Tree sap has a terrible effect on … Continue reading

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Friday Debrief

Teenagers begin to dread it, kids get excited, and parents can’t wait for it.  School is set to begin in a few weeks, it may be time to start looking for back to school sales as you sing about the … Continue reading

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