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Know when to walk away and know when to run

You may be really interested in making a purchase when you walk in to a store.  Perhaps a salesperson has approached you and tried to sell you something, and you didn’t know how badly you wanted it until they pointed … Continue reading

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Support Spy’s Friday Debrief

Have you tried to buy fuel at a U.S. gas station with your Canadian credit card, only to be stymied by the request to “enter your zip code”?  Before you can fill up, you must head to the cashier to … Continue reading

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McDonald’s works to change its image

I hadn’t been inside a McDonald’s in a long time, but must admit I couldn’t resist the occasional drive through.  Well, I had the opportunity to go to a newly renovated one and the restaurant experience is greatly improved. The … Continue reading

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How helps companies with strong customer service

Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and have participated in a campaign to help spread the word about  Although the campaign is over, I think that has benefits for my readers.  I am not affiliated with and do … Continue reading

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