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Hotel Safes Are Not Very Safe

Have you taken a trip recently?  Did you stay in a hotel?  Did you trust that your money, valuables and important documents would be safe?  This is not a doomsday issue, but you should take extra care when using a … Continue reading

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Planet Hollywood doesn’t revolve around its customers

In my last post, I provided some tips on how to get some extras when staying at a hotel. But what happens when things go badly? The site of the Planet Hollywood Resort was previously known as “The Aladdin”.  After … Continue reading

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4 things to ask for at your next hotel stay

Travelling and staying in hotels might be routine for some, while others may enjoy a stay once every few years.  What most travellers have in common is their desire for certain consistencies.  Spending time in a hotel renders certain expectations, … Continue reading

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“Let the memories begin”… My experience at Disney

How amazing!  Despite shelling over a significant amount of money in travel, lodging, park tickets, food, and souvenirs, there were no complaints about the Disney experience.   There was something in the air this year as many of my friends with … Continue reading

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