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Unidentified phone numbers

I started to get calls from telephone numbers that I did not recognize on my mobile phone. Not being one who just has to pick up the call, I tend to ignore numbers of unknown origin and let my voicemail … Continue reading

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8 Tips for Dealing with Telemarketers

There are many techniques that have been used to handle telemarketing calls. Jerry Seinfeld fans will recall Jerry asking a telemarketer for their home phone number to discuss the product they were trying to sell later in the day. I’m … Continue reading

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Europcar generates more questions than Jeopardy

Our favourite Jeopardy champion (no, not Watson), Ken Jennings, had a terrible interaction with Europcar which he posted about this week.  While it may not be clear whether Europcar was gouging Ken (of course they were), it is clear that sticking … Continue reading

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